What is Into the New World?

Monster Hunter has yet to make a true main stream presence in the West, until Monster Hunter World.

In Japan, Monster Hunter tournaments are fairly large and known, but in the West, they only truly exist in minor tournaments scattered across conventions (such as PAX East). Our goal is to create a league, with eventual team, weapon and even casual tournament styles, to introduce a standard here in the West. 

All tournaments, both local and online will be prized. Details included in Upcoming Tournaments.


What are the rules and regulations?

Online Tournaments will run at the start of every month for approx. one month.  Open to all international hunters.

Local tournaments will be held once a month at Waypoint Cafe in NYC. Open to attendees only.

All time based tournaments, unless otherwise stated, will be subjected to Arena pre-sets only. Subject to change.

For information regarding current or upcoming tournaments, visit here.

To participate in our online tournaments, visit here. Please be advised, all online submissions are required to submit video proof of their run. More details on submission page.

All local tournaments will be live streamed. TAs will be onsite to ensure fairness.

If you catch any cheating, please email us immediately, or reach out to a local admin as listed here.

   Jonathan Amar , Lead Tournament Organizer

Jonathan Amar, Lead Tournament Organizer

   JustinJRB , Streamer and participant in our Summer 2017 League

JustinJRB, Streamer and participant in our Summer 2017 League